My web site, Tortui is a collection of blogs and articles about some of my major interests. At this point in time they are mainly Travel (I happen to be on an extended stay in Thailand), Soaring, Coffee, Computing and the Condor Soaring Information Center (CSIC).

It’s interesting how a declaration about something can set you to thinking. I think CSIC should probably be a separate web site…yes definitely because, among other things it will have forums.

I obtained my private pilot’s license in 1973 and only flew for a year or so after that. Flying just proved too expensive for my income. But thanks to my brother Aaron’s inspiration and enticement, I have dabbled with flight simulators off and on over the years. However, since August 2009 I have been nuts over a simulator called Condor the Competition Soaring Simulator. My brother was unable to fly powered planes for a while so he took up soaring. Being one who has always supplemented his aviation learning and enjoyment with flight simulators, he immediately started looking for a suitable glider simulator when he began his new career as a glider pilot. That’s when he stumbled across Condor. I had stumbled across it too but ignored it because I am a cheap bastard and didn’t want to pay $64 for it. My brother doesn’t suffer from the same neurosis and immediately bought it and started using it and liking it.

I’ve actually long been a frustrated glider pilot and wish that I had started doing that instead of flying powered planes. Even back in the 70s I was a member of the Soaring Society of America. Now I’m too cheap to join but I would still like to. So it took very little encouragement for me to overcome my cheap streak and plunk down the $64 on Condor. I can now say that it was the best $64 that I ever spent! Condor has been fascinating my brother and I for over three years now.

You can fly Condor in any way that you want to but it was designed as a glider competition simulator and it is the competitive aspect of it that has really fascinated us. My brother doesn’t have the competitive nature that I have but, like me, he really enjoys the challenge of learning to fly a task as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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